Advantages and disadvantages of wheelchair


There are so many types of machines available for us today. We today live in a world where most of the things are done with the help of computers. An electric wheelchair which is also one kind of devices helps us in our disabilities. It does wonders for the person who can’t walk. This machine will help you to move from one place to another you don’t need extra help to move the chair either because it runs by its motor which is battery operated. However, electric wheelchairs  have some advantages and disadvantages also.

Advantages of wheelchair

There are so many advantages of the wheelchair. We can move without any help from others. It can carry you from lower to upper places of the world. After using this mobile vehicle, you forget about your disability. Hence you feel new birth with power moving one place to another without any assistance. It is specially designed for older adults who get deserted after some time when they become old. It provides you power which can give you some sympathy towards your life

There are some chairs also available which can control through the mouth and if you have a disability from hand to leg you can move this vehicle with your mouth alone. So eventually it does wonders to your disability


We all know that with advantages there comes disadvantages also and it same makes to electronic wheelchairs also. The first disadvantage of this more chair is its battery. You need to charge it at a regular interval. You have to go with the limit of your array of the motor chair. The next thing which comes in minds is its cost means it is a costly thing to buy, it makes your pocket little lighter after buying the chair from the market rest all the facilities in the chair is like blessings for handicaps.

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